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The school has well trained health workers and a resident doctor to attend to first aids and general ailment requiring no specialist attention. Serious ailment and emergencies are sent to outside hospitals to which school is affiliated. Students who cannot respond to intensive treatment from the system are sent back their parents for further investigations. Medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner is a requirement for boarding. All medications should be submitted along with relevant prescriptions to the school nurses on resumption. Self medication is highly prohibited and punishable.

The school places emphasis on preventive rather curative approach to students health problems and as such, every student is required to come into the boarding house with a well treated mosquito net. The management has put in a lot of efforts to ensure that the hostel environment is clean and clean water also provided to promote healthy living standard of the students. It is mandatory for students to take part in games and the School can boast of some of the best facilities. Food served is tasty and well prepared. Our environment is simply clean and beautiful to promote good health.