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In Tower of Ivory Schools, there is a uniformity in academic structure and students in each academic year are grouped into three or four class sections marked as JOY,HOPE, FAITH & GRACE. A class manager is attached to each section and remains with it for at least one academic session.Class managers are responsible for the following :

  • Marking of class attendance on daily basis
  • organisation of Class Presentation
  • Making sure that the inner rooms are in order
  • Ensuring that students belongings are safe
  • Making the class condusive for learning
  • Ensuring that the students are present for every lesson
  • In addition to the above core duties of a class manager, he or she is also responsible for the well-being of all the students in their class and try as much as possible to get a true picture of each student to enable them to make precise reports to the Principal and their parents. They frequently monitor the behaviour and work of each student and try to see that their classes obey the rules and regulations of the school.

    Subject teachers are divided into departments and units, each supervised by a head of department and a head of unit. The heads of departments and units hold monthly meetings with the subject teachers and forward the reports to the Principal through the Vice Principal Academics.